Thursday, August 2, 2012

Illusions Spell

It's a power for great spirit can't be seen.
It's belong to great king from spirit world.
But if you uses in wrong way like arrogant your self with power it will gone forever.
So promise me you will use it well.
This spell can curse anyone you want with Illusions.
Just think in it and send what you think of to what you want.

You Say:

"The Moon of Dark Night, By The RED King,King Of All Jinn Kings,By AMR King,Master Of All Jinn Kings, I Will Have The Power To Make Illusions When I Want To (Name), Help Me My King"

(Name) Mean the name you want to bring Illusions to him.
After that close your eyes for couple of minuets until seeing red light.

(Don't Close Your Eyes More Than Couple of Minuets, If You Can't See The Red Light Just Try)

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