Monday, August 13, 2012

Miracle of the pyramid 01

Great Pyramid built since 3000 years BC, since 5000 years ago, according to latest studies, but these studies need further studies to prove that, is this the age of pyramid, because most of these studies were based on the use of cosmic rays and electromagnetic waves, and isotopes of radioactive carbon in the determining the age of the elements under influence.
Why studies need to other studies?

Because the pyramid is working to modify the frequency of cosmic rays and works to change the direction of electromagnetic waves As for the isotopes of radioactive carbon depends on the measurement of half-life, and because the granite does not contain the carbon material, so can not measuring old, So they go to measure the age of the surrounding elements and assume it as on the same age!
*They assume that the pyramid was built from 3000 years BC, according to the age of all around elements.
They used almost 2,600,000 pieces of stones to build the pyramid, all without any cohesive materials or links of any kind, the stones weights approximately from 2.5 tons to 15 tons, and for the king's chamber the piece of stone in that ceiling is 70 tons.
How these pieces remain in that consistent until now?
How were these stones raising into that height?
And when we take a look to the height of the pyramid, we find a series of other mysteries.
Height of the pyramid 149.4 meters, the distance between the Earth and the Sun 149.4 million kilometers.
Is this another coincidence?
Now can you know about how to deliver these stones to that rise, there is no way possible to be only acceptable except that the scientists in this era have reached to a private and confidential way to eliminate weight of things!

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