Monday, August 13, 2012

Miracle of the pyramid 02

There are many of phenomena recorded by the scientific literature, which proved to be correct and not a hoax, and most important of these phenomena (Levitation) which one can rise into the air or sitting on it, and this is one of the most famous phenomena of physics vague, Also the spiritual (Daniel Hume) is one of the greater was cruising in the air in front of the audience without any tricks, and there is the phenomenon of mental animation (Telekinesis) the ability to move the energy and things by the mind and many of the scientists and research had to prove this phenomenon.
Can be this the way of how they build the pyramid?
And this is not everything.
When we look to the interior design of the pyramid the rooms, corridors and gaps, we find another set of Mysteries, how to develop stones and finishing (granite inside the pyramid sleek such as mirrors), how these things done, where, and why, and all of these things for just cemetery, Guess not?
As for the dimensions of the pyramid and the dimensions of rooms and even the dimensions of the ark of the King, we find a series of other surprises, for example perimeter of the pyramid divided by the height equal to 3.14 (π) (The ratio of a circle's perimeter to its diameter), king's chamber the same situation perimeter divided by height equal to 3.14, the ark perimeter divided by height equal to 3.14, all the rooms of the pyramid are the same thing.
Is this a coincidence?
And, why they used this ratio?
Is this another coincidence?
There is also the unit of measure used in the measurement inside the pyramid they called (Pyramid Inch), it match with British Inch.
Are the British took it from the Pharaohs, or vice versa?
Sides of the pyramid is destined to constituencies (east, west, north, south) in accordance with the magnetic compass
(Note: the geographic north deviates from magnetic north four degrees)
Did the ancient Egyptians knew the magnet so that they can determine the direction of the pyramid sides with such accuracy?
As for the geometry path of internal corridors, we find many of puzzles; the entry corridor of the pyramid refers to the Polaris star and the internal vestibule refers to Sirius star as if the pyramid was an astronomical observatory.
What is the reality of the pyramid?
Is it the cemetery of Khufu?
Are those possible with all these details to be just a cemetery?
What is the secret of corridors of the pyramid and internal chambers?
There are many theories that talked about the pyramid and its construction.
There are those said it is an astronomical observatory or a house of secrets or a predictions newspaper.
There is a theory of two scientists Carné (French) and Grace (English) that the pyramid is a deep chart advancement and the module of measure is (pyramid inch) represents a full year and therefore the pyramid contains predictions of world events from its construction and until the end of the world, that set by the scientists according to their theory to being in the year 2815 AD.

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