Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Marble block 09-09-2014

The major part of the marble base of a statue of Ramesses II in the form of a block. On two sides the name and titulary of the king have been carved above figures of bound captives representing the 'Nine Bows', traditional enemies of Egypt, and other provinces. Across the front of the base are the cartouches of the pharaoh.

Material:    MARBLETechnique: HEWN


May he live, the Horus, Strong Bull, Beloved of Truth, the King of Upper Egpyt and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, User-Maat-Re Setepenre; Son of Re, Lord of Diadems, Ramesses, beloved of Amun.
Ha- nebw - Northernmost foreigners.
Shat - Oases, in Nubia.
Ta-shemau - Upper Egypt.
Ta - Mekhu - Lower Egypt, the Delta.
Pedjet Shut - Foreign Barbarians.
Tjehenu - Libya.
Iwntyw sti - Natives of Nubia.
Mntyw Setet - Bedouin of Asia.
Khet Hesy - Vile Hittites.

On the front of the block are the cartouches of Ramesses II flanked by his Horus names, the vulture goddess Nekhbet of Upper Egypt offers the ankh-sign of life on one side, on the opposite side the cobra goddess Wadjet of Lower Egypt does the same.

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